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Originally Posted by paddy335 View Post
what are you talking about! the M3 tuning market has been alive and thriving since before you were born (taking an intuitive guess that you are of a younger demographic )
i guess you still do not understand what i am trying to say.

i KNOW the tuning and after market have been big with M cars for years. that is far from what i am making a point about. i have M3 and i am on a M forum.

its this new way of thinking on the forums. everyone is talking about how much power can be gain with a tune. only because the engine is now setup to be able to react better for mods. like most FI motors.

you tell me this. when the E46 and E92 were coming out. where people taking about tuning as much as they are now ? or where people talking about weight of engine and individual throttle bodies, and how high is the redline etc.....

its way more tempting to tune a FI motor over a n/a motor. because you gain so much more. this new engine promotes tuning more i would say.

where on the S65. you gotta so a full exhaust and tune to gain 35WHP-40WHP....

every single 335i i see driven by a car guy, has one thing. that is a Jb4 mod. which is cool, dont get me wrong. i just never pictured M cars to be more of the tuner cars. but more of a car that is great factory spec.
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