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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
That's because there is no handling benefit to a 60/40 (front/rear) distribution. IMO, this type of distribution is mostly a consequence of optimizing the "packaging" rather than the handling.

IIRC, swamp is also implying that a 40/60 (front/rear) is optimal, I don't recal he ever stated that front heavy cars handle better...

I can't comment on which is the "optimal" weight disrtibution. All I am saying is that rear weight bias makes the car easier to pivot, hence more nimble.
To me, it seems that the 40/60 works for a Porsche because of the fact that the engine is in the rear thus adding more traction. I don't think that the Porsche would share the same weight distribution characteristics if the engine were located mid or front.
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