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Originally Posted by FogCityM3 View Post
Was the corporate hype at this level when the E9x generation came out? I can't remember it being as intense. They just released the car and that was it, let the reviews provide the advertising magic. Now you've got development videos, footage of race drivers opining on the car's 'development', BMW making blog posts, german guys using words like "animal" (kind of scary come to think of it).
7 years ago vs now, Geezus why is it so hard for people to move along when there is change? It's 2014, technology will only advance faster and become better so will advertising techniques. Everyone talks about BMW as if they are a charity, they are a business and just like any business they are here to make $$. Looks at all the brands that are successful, they advertise you to death until it's imbedded in our brain.
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