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Originally Posted by Teeone View Post
I would not recommend a Miata for a daily driver given the commute you have and as a replacement for an M4. They are extremely fun cars for the street for short drives and/or occasional use. However, they are seriously lacking in power, they are small and low without many creature comforts and these are the killers for a daily driver. That is my viewpoint, coming from having several and an extended family that has had miatas since the early nineties. My favorite was my 2004 mazdaspeed version. NC's are my least favorite. When I visit my folks up north, I do enjoy taking their 1990 NA out for rides, as there is something about the simplicity and light weight of that car that is enjoyable for a country ride even though it has low power. I sold mine last one 2 years ago. I don't see myself in one again, but I could end up with a Boxster down the road.......
The newer ones have a far superior ride. They also have decent tech in a very simple package. We have a 2016 with the track package and nav. It comes with bilstein suspension, brembo brakes and bose stereo with speakers in the head rests. Low power for sure, but it weighs 2300 lbs, so 0-60 is 5.5. Not too bad for the $29K we paid.

I just did 7 hours to Vegas in it no problem at all.