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Looking to possibly buy a 2015 M4

Heyo, so I'm pretty new to BMW and definitely new to this forum. I currently own an AWD Lexus RC350 F-Sport (honestly an incredible car) but I'm looking to upgrade to a 2015 M4. Currently, I live in Indiana where we get snow in the winter (albeit, not much the past couple of years).

How does the M4 do in the snow? I plan to hopefully make this my daily driver. I know that winter tires can make a night and day difference. How does it do on just all-seasons? I've driven RWD in the past with an old 2005 Mustang and it got along alright on just all-seasons.

Also, what's the "life expectancy" of an M4? The M4 in particular I'm looking at has around 45k miles, which is sorta more than I'd prefer. Assuming I maintain the car properly, would I be safe at this amount of miles? This is a car I'd ideally like to drive for the next 4-5 years without any issues.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I apologize if I'm sounding wimpy here, its just when you spend this much money on a car you gotta be sure its right.
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