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Originally Posted by ccondo View Post
I own a tuned 2017 M4 competition currently and I took a 2019 rs5 Sportback home for the night.
The RS5 is a really nice car - I drove one when shopping as well. They look great (subjective, I know) and all the traditional Audi qualities (outstanding build quality, fantastic interior, unflappable AWD traction, good power, etc.) are present and accounted for. I see one most days during my morning commute and it always looks good.

The car's Achilles' heel IMO is its value proposition. Loaded up, they can be >$90K, which seems too high, at least to me.

After I drove a Tesla Model 3 Performance, the extra $25-$30K for the Audi didn't seem justified. That's not to say that there aren't things about the Audi that justify extra $$$$ - there definitely are, but not $25K extra IMO.

YMMV - good luck with your search!