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Originally Posted by auaq View Post
See, there are some optimistic people here that are not really concerned about the exhaust. But for those who are complaining and would stick with their e9x m3, then don't come back complaining that you lost against the new m3.

I think the videos do not justify the sights and sound honestly. You have to be there to witness it in real life to understand about this new beast. Since, many of us do not have the privilege to actually go to Germany and, ofcourse, follow this new M3 around the city or on its way to the test track, we will never know how good it is or will be. We can only speculate from watching the videos and looking up at the pictures provided by the people who were blessed to have been there to witness it.
It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that a turbocharged inline 6 isn't going to sound as good (to fans of N/A V8s) as the outgoing M3, or even the S54 powered E46 M3. You simply can't coerce those kinds of sounds out of a turbocharged engine when you have a turbine sitting in the exhaust flow. The natural effect of a turbine is to smooth out and muffle exhaust pulses, which results in a completely different characteristic.

No one is saying it won't perform better, but some people ask more of the experience. For me, how a car sounds is a big part of the overall experience of owning the car. As others have pointed out, you hear the car every day, but you only have the opportunity to extract maximum performance on a rare occasion.

BMW isn't alone in this challenge though. Turbocharging is the future of petrol powered cars. It's the only way to deliver big power, but also perform well on the government efficiency test cycles. Audi no longer puts a V8 in the S4 or S5 either. That's not going to stop us from lamenting the loss of good engine acoustics though.
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