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Originally Posted by F80_BK View Post
I loaded the latest free software update onto a 2GB USB stick and plugged it in to my center console USB. Took like 2 minutes. Metadata over bluetooth has worked flawlessly since then and also looks a lot cleaner. The update notes mention metadata but they did not go into much detail, but I assume this fixed the problem. Also I am not sure what the "Add-on" software does, but that was not on my system before the update.

Just put your last 7 of VIN and it will take you to the correct download. FYI this was done on my 2015 M3

Media version: MN-002.052.001
Telephone version: TN-002.052.001

Add-on version: HN-002.255.073
Media version: MN-002.255.071
Telephone version: TN-002.255.070

The following adjustments are made during
the software update:

▷ Activates audio output when the Tagesschau app is used. (independent of device)
▷ Improves the display of long track names. (independent of device)
▷ Corrects playback of podcasts. (Apple devices with iOS Version 8 and higher)
▷ Clears the display of old metadata after a change of track. (independent of device)
▷ Removes superfluous note on app installation. (Apple iPhone)

▷ Enables the use of BlackBerry devices from OS 10.3 for data services via the mobile telephone.
▷ Allows closing of individual reminder messages. (independent of device)
▷ Improves filter function for e-mails and text messages with BlackBerry mobile telephones. (BlackBerry: Torch 9800, Bold 9900 with OS 7.1)
▷ Improves the audio quality when using the handsfree system. (Apple, Motorola and Samsung mobile telephones)
▷ Improves downloading of messages from mobile telephones to the vehicle. (independent of device)
▷ Improves the reminder function for calendar and notes from mobile telephones. (independent of device)
▷ Improves synchronisation with mobile telephones. (independent of device, with the exception of some Nokia mobile telephones).
▷ Improves the transfer of call lists to the vehicle. (LG, Samsung and BlackBerry mobile telephones)
▷ Improves the display of Chinese names in Chinese vehicles. (Android mobile telephones)
▷ Improves the display of journeys made in the service Online Driver's Log. (independent of device)
▷ Improves display of the distance. Distance is given in kilometres and miles in the service Online Driver's Log. (independent of device)
▷ Improves the display of special characters in the ConnectedDrive portal. (independent of device)
I just checked the website, it says my car is up to date, but will double check against your version numbers when i get into the car. thanks