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Originally Posted by Carl L View Post
I wish we could all say "no" to these power packs. So what is the launch or standard car, half baked? The 15bhp increase on the F10 M5 was a joke and a sad result of the huge profit AMG makes from such tactics.

During the LCI I used to look forward to the small tweaks that came with the CS edition, especially as the changes (in the case of the E46 especially) were based on improvements 4 years of release showed the car needed, and also a little more visual heft with the drop and wider wheels. But a power boost for anything other than the much more exotic CSL or GTS variant is tacky and a slap in the face for early adopters given that an M3, or M5, should have full power from the start.

Were it available from launch (not a 100% impossibility, how can one know?) which is highly unlikely, I'd have to look at the numbers and decide if i wanted it. Were it like the M5s, I'd pass, and that's from someone who usually ticks almost every option box imaginable like a true victim of marketing.
$7300 is crazy for exhaust note and a 2.x% power bump.