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Originally Posted by pardonm3 View Post
itsmejoehaha $500 is probably close to 5% of the value of qba335i 335 he claims he sold. pocket change though. He's loaded.
It was closer to 2%

You guys need to realize that time is also an asset. I sold my 335i a few weeks ago and had to drop the price by 2-3k as I didn't want to spend any more time and risk car not selling in summer (would probably get another 2-3k less).

I am pretty frugal with my money - sometimes current lower price is better than unknown higher price. I was able to sell the car, rented my parking space for a few hundred dollars a month and saved money on insurance. Now will wait a few months (hopefully the market corrects) before I get 911/TTRS.

On the positive note, I bough some VIX before the long weekend with the money from 335i and recover the 2-3k