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Funny, I was going to start a new thread and saw one exists already.

For those who have driven both, how does the F80 compare to the 997.1 TT?

More background info below...

I own a bone stock, high mileage 997TT. It's an '07 coupe with 6MT, sport chrono, etc. I've had it for 2.5 years now (not driven in winter).

I got a good deal on it and I felt it was going to be perfect since I have two young boys and I could commute with it (I do school drop offs and pickups). It works ok as a commuter for me but the adaptive seats do make it hard for the kids to see and it's just not as practical as I need it to be. I sold a 987S that I loved because I never used it. The TT gets some use but not nearly enough as some of their activities require more room than that car has. Also, in the winter time, I don't get to use it all. Kids wouldn't fit back there with all their snow gear anyway.

I'm considering selling it this or next year and getting a '17 M3 in the spring of 2017 through ED. I've done ED twice - in '03 on one of the first Imola ZHP's, and in '11 on an M-sport, RWD, MT 328iT. Those 3er's always made me happy. Sure, they were short on power, but they were great DDs, with tons of practicality.