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Originally Posted by afadeev
Definitely true.

I had my previous 335ix leased, and had swapped out wheels and tires within first year in favor of 18" BBS wheels with PSS's. Drove that way to pre-lease-return inspection, and had a lovely $2.5+K estimated cost to "return wheels and tire to stock".

Put OEM wheels and RFTs back on the night prior to lease return date, and had a clean return the next day (after some haggling over the size of a few dings, net of mileage overage that was zeroed out later).
different wheels though that's a noticeable modification vs. another brand tires or incorrect rating.
I wanted to be crystal clear for anyone searching archives in the future - the major hold-up on lease pre-inspection were non-RFT tires.
Dealer was going to dismount my PSS tires and re-install RFTs, then noticed non-OEM forged BBS wheels (fronts required spacers), and there it went.

Tire brand did not matter.
The fact that I got RFTs on day 0 and was thought to be returning the car with non-RFTs at the end of the least is what triggered the notification that I would have been charged for replacing PSS's (to be thrown away) with RFTs.

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