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Yes exactly. A lease amounts to paying for the depreciation of the vehicle while in your hands (+interest and fees). How you decide to pay it is up to you. You could essentially put the whole lease cost down in one up front payment and drive around for free. If you did that and halfway through he lease wanted out, you would want a prorated amount back. You wouldn't want the person taking the lease over to drive around for free. The one taking over the lease would not want to pay you anything. The lease holder has less leverage because they are on the hook for the lease term unless someone agrees to take it over.

So in your example the $10k is your money you used to help finance borrowing the vehicle for a set period. You would want the prorated amount back if you don't use the vehicle for the whole time. Now you have to find someone willing to give it to you. If you put no money down, its just a matter of taking over the monthly payment.
Yeah, that's what I assumed, just the way Powaup phrased it as " the new leasee would be required to make a lump payment for the total value of cap cost reduction left on the lease." made it sound as though further payment was due to BMW. They're not actually required to do that by any lease transfer contract, you just want them to give you that cash back so you don't get hosed.