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Originally Posted by Dethsupp0rt
Originally Posted by boss2k View Post
Can you please explain this "A maximum of 7 MSDs can be applied. Each one reduces the money factor 0.00007. Each MSD costs the monthly payment rounded up to the nearest $50."

In other words how much i need to pay for each MSD, is it 50 USD per MSD ? If i buy 7 MSD, does it mean its 350 bucks i need to pay for security deposit?
No, it's a monthly payment rounded up to the nearest $50. For example, if your monthly payment is $815, each security deposit would be $850.

Thus, 7 security deposits would be $5,950. Considering this may reduce your total payments by ~$50/month, it's not a bad ROI.
That much security deposit will only knock the payment down 50 a month? That does not seem worth it. Plus if you want out of the lease early that money is tied up.