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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
NP, smart top is super easy, you just lift out the floor panel and you'll see the location and wires you need to connect to. I had actually stored some Euro vests there that I'd forgotten about so I found those! The whole project took <5 minutes.

One tip on the SmartTop - if you enable the option to open/close the roof from the doors ... not sure if it's supposed to work this way but only my passenger door allows the "4 taps" (can't remember the exact number). That's actually great for me since I prefer the driver's side to open the car locks and the passenger side to open the roof.

Example is you walk up to the car with your hands full and forgot to have the key ready ... just tap the passenger door handle a few times with a pinky and voila! I just used that yesterday.
Interesting, so open/close the roof and lock/unlock doors can't be done from the same door handle? When I read the manual, I assumed that lock/unlock was a single press and open/close was a tap sequence.