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Originally Posted by mjposner View Post
Why is this better than an Escort Redline? Do you seriously keep speeding if the arrow points away or do you just slow up until threat is gone? How is this any better against laser? Is their a laser jammer component (as an add on?)
Here's a test against a few different models (including a Redline EX):

For certain tests, having the rear antenna in the R7 provides better sensitivity for those situations.

I don't think the R7 has a laser jammer built in (anyone correct me if I'm wrong here), so you would still need a jammer if you wanted to protect against that. One thing that I saw in a review about the R7 was that the BSM (blind spot monitoring) still seems to false positive on various cars and has not been improved since the R3. Also, auto-GPS lockouts are not a thing until the patent expires.