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M3 buying advise

So I have started to look for am M3.

I have a 335d with 415/730 power, some suspension mods and some fake "M3" sound pumped through the speakers. I love the car and was planning on keeping it another 2 years so have done loads of recent mods to it. But I have always wanted an M car and as circumstances have changed, have decided to go for it.

I am after a M3 CP 16-17 plate, less than 30K miles, in either the light blue colour OR one of the silver shades. I want it to have the full M-performance kit on it. Not too bothered about other options, apart from dont want the carbon brakes. I will be paying cash. Budget 40K.

Where is the best place to look for a good one and what shall I look out for? I normally buy private from Autotrader as the price is less. Came across on the other day an FB group and read the guy had been doing track days, which put me off.
I am not in a hurry so have plenty of time to pick a good one. I am thinking to get one that does not have performance modifications as this could be a sign that its been driven harder.

What do you think?