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Originally Posted by LukeM15 View Post
This is like beating a dead horse. EVERYONE knows the moment you tune your car You are Taking the risk. Idk why people still bring that topic up. Smh
The problem is, EVERYONE does not know. Or else they think that if they have a really serious problem that Bmw will not know itís been tuned because theyíve taken off their JB4 or cleared their tune. Iíve been told by my service advisor, (who by the way has his car modded and has spun two crank hubs so far, one of which was covered under warranty) that for relatively minor stuff or the first time it happens you may get the dealership to cover it and they may or may not know that itís been modded . However if it goes to the corporate level and they look into it they can tell anything thatís been done no matter what anybody tells you.