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Smile Couple thoughts on a great post and comparo!

Have been in a BMW after several new-model Porsches, Cayman S, 991 Carrera S and more. I LOVE my 2015 M4, I will stay in a BMW!

I have always found BMW's to have absolutely shitty brakes after one or two laps on a track, none of what you say in regards to brakes and brake fade is a surprise. I have Carbon's on my M4 - wow - no more brake fade for me!

A question, and it relates to these fabulous lap times, drives, and traction in these big cars, for instance, the X6M: Where is the 'weak point'? Since the car and the chassis is so capable, does that mean (I'm just guessing here) the (expensive!) tires are the weak link, and will need replaced many times more often versus a smaller car w/less mass, ie: M2 or M3/4?

It's great to extoll the virtues of the engineering feats, but somebody has to pay somewhere, some time. There is no free lunch. Reality check.