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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
I agree with all your points. Especially the "jack of all trades" part. To me this was the most frustrating part of M3 evolution. I personally feel that the M3 should have remained biased towards its motorsport roots. I feel it was a mistake for BMW to depart from the original formula. BMW was only successful in doing this due to the fact that they still managed to do it better than Audi or Merc.

However, if the rumors are true, we may see a mass produced M3/4 CSL/RS/GTS this time around. Much like the 911, the M3/4 may come in many different flavors.

Well said.

Oh boy re your second paragraph, while good news that's going to be a nightmare when closing on purchase time. I was going to break with tradition and buy the first model year F82 (given BMWs experience with M tts and DCT plus the customer-testing on the F80) but the thought of them releasing a more focused model within 6-12 months would be a bitter pill to swallow.

I'm not saying it's not good news to have these options, but from a buyers perspective I'm not a fan. However, I DO appreciate the heads up.

For sure excited to see the F8x develop and get ready for production. I just wish I could get the crazy idea of buying a 2013 V8 and running it into the ground out of my mind....