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Track? What Track? I was just riding along . . .

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Originally Posted by ri335i View Post
My big fear was that this car would be a street queen given the turbo engine/resulting heat issues. A2L goes a long way to making this a trackable car.
I take it as a given that BMW will design an M3 that is trackable and in a different league overall than the other 3-series commutermobiles (my apologies for the reference; just keep repeating "useable torque" to yourself until you feel better).

My fear is that BMW may continue to have fits and starts with the motor engineering, like they've had on the N5X turbo motors and that Mini project, or that the things just won't run forever like the NAs have. I have an M20B motor from 1979 that still pounds it out in the original "fast" 3-series, the E21 Euro.

But the idea of having a 450HP motor with the turbos already on it, ready for whatever HP boost you can get out of reprogramming, is just nuts if you're only into the car for the short term, and that's the profile of the typical M3 owner these days. Right now it costs a fair whack to get a supercharger on the M3 -- though I am hopeful that the cost will drop as the car ages (as was the case with the E36 M3), since I am in the long-term owner category.