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Originally Posted by eMvy View Post
"It's not a change in philosophy, it's a change in technology. Turbocharging is better for fuel savings and CO2."

Forced induction has been around since the late 19th century. M cars have always had the opportunity to utilize FI, but they didn't. I would argue that this is a philosophical change fuel savings and CO2 emissions now take precedent over the driving experience. Whether this is good or bad can only be left to debate.

I am really disappointed in the direction BMW is going. They are investing all their money and time into electrical cars and fuel economy. For god sakes make one super-car that will prove that BMW M division is still a competitor.

All they talk about lately is fuel economy and bla bla. I know it's market driven but the way its going, BMW era will soon be over and it will be another car on the road. Hence I am holding on to my E93 M3 and E39 M5 till the end.