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Originally Posted by KSERGEI-BY View Post
Outdated. Audi is used to have 50:50, but now gen 5 quattro has 40:60 (exactly the same ratio as xdrive has) + you may order sport dif. I mean true-quattro, not golf based cars like audi tt etc.
The Quattro in my R8 was marvelous. I could feel it working but it would never Interfere with what i was doing behind the wheel. It allows you to do whatever you want, just doesn't let you kill yourself. The 997.2 Turbo had similar system, but wasn't as fun as Quattro.
Regarding to other Quattro cars, they are not close to R8. The last Quattro car i tested was a pre-facelift RS5 and it suffered from understeer because if it sensed any traction lose, it would send more power to the front wheels which always makes things worse. The Audi driver said it's because i wasn't familiar with the nose-heavy layout, but whatever it was the car didn't work like it supposed to do.