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The summary is that you need to check each curb weight number given by the manufaturer in the US. Some include the driver, i.e they report "Unladen EU" weight others report the US definiton or Unladen DIN without driver. It's even more confusing because the same manufacturer is not neccessarily consistent in how they report curb weight in the US data sheets.

This is the standards compressed:

Curb Weight = Weight of Car with standard accessories, full fluids, no driver
Unladen EU Weight = Weight of Car with 90% fuel, 68 kg driver, 7 kg cargo
Unladen DIN Weight = Weight of Car with 90% fuel, no driver, no cargo

1 US Gallon = 3.8 liters
Weight of 1 US Gallon of Gasoline = 6.35 pounds (2.87 kg)
Weight of 1 liter of Gasoline = 1.67 pounds (0.76 kg)


We refer a lot to the E92 M3 here.

Unladen EU ( with driver and luggage ): 1655 kg / 3649 lbs
US reported Curb weight: 3704 lbs

Here BMW has obviously inlcuded the driver and luggage in their reported US Curb weight. The 55 lbs difference could be DCT.


The number we have for the M4 is 1500kg Unladen DIN.
The E92 M3 Unlade DIN is 1655 - 68 - 7 = 1580 kg or exactly 80kg more than the M4.


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