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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
According to this rendering it looks much like the 3er GT was more A5 Sportback-Style than 5er GT-Style ... very much 4-door coupe-style, more than expected - if you call an car like the A5 Sportback an coupe.
Agree. Recall that SCOTT has suggested the actual production 3GT may in fact lean more toward the above rendering than the styling direction of the 5GT.

Audi seems to be set on covering these two segments with one body style, while BMW has chosen to do both a Gran Coupe and Gran Touring. I for one think that an A7 and A5 Sportback with a notchback/trunk more like the A5 coupe would look better than the current hatchback designs, but I am sure plenty of others feel differently. I like that BMW has made the 6 GC mirror the 6 coupe, while basing their hatchback on the sedan instead. I think the next 5GT will probably look more like the 3GT is rumored to look, thus becoming a less polarizing car and finding more fans.