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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
That's quite inaccurate. What you're mentioning is called "right to own picture". Pursuant to this, it's not allowed to publish a photo of a person without their consent. However, there are exceptions from this clause. It is for example allowed to take a photo of a "scenery" with people shown in it as long as the people are obviously not the main motive for the photo. Also, it's not illegal to shoot these photos, and to avoid even arguing if said exception applied or not it's perfectly fine to publish these photos with the faces of the driver and the occupant(s) blurred.

Finally, speed cameras et al can be a legal issue for other reasons than mentioned above. Authorities surely don't publish these photos to the public.

Sorry all for digressing a bit here.

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Sounds good to me.... as I said I have no idea but that was what I was told by someone (as we discussed before).