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Originally Posted by wisesoul View Post
It doesn't sound like an M car blah blah. Not much you can do with an I6 with turbos. It doesn't need to sound like an "M" car, it needs to drive like one. The 1M coupe is a great example of this. Doesn't need to be NA or have 8 cylinders to be special. I know BMW won't spoil the M3 name, at least I hope
They're already off to a bad start with the M6 Some of us are proud to have a non eco-friendly V8 under the hood. So far the looks/sound of the new M3 don't thrill me. Looks like i'll just be ESS'ing my V8 and keeping my e92 instead of upgrading. But hey, we'll wait and see what happens when the actual car is out.

SC-V8 > TT-V6
at least IMO