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Originally Posted by Powaup View Post
I think it should be mentioned that the group Delivery might happen in July. All we've heard from Jason is that ED deliveries will begin very early summer and Summer begins June 26th. Also, I did not reserve a spot at my dealership because my guy there told me it was not necessary right this moment (was at the dealership a week ago). Will I still be able to sign up for the group ED if I don't have a deposit down at the moment?
No worries Powaup. Just send me all the info you can at this time as listed In updated post. I do not require confirmation that a deposit is made nor is it required. At some point program would want to confirm that your dealer contact has you in his queue for an order. Relationships with dealers vary depending on your history for sure. I have the #1 spot for mine and do not have to put up any money to hold spot.

In regards to ED date, as I mentioned in Disclaimer. Dates and times are subject to change once we have firm confirmation of timing. I will continue to update and keep post current as new info arrives. Thanks for feedback!