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There are other alternatives to the CAE style shifter that cost significantly less. They're not bespoke for the F80 specifically, but they can be fitted to work since the basic mechanics of BMW shifters have remained the same. Other brands to check out are IRP, RTD, Coolerworx.

I have long moved on from the CAE shifter to Rogue Engineering SSK. But I still have it, so I might modify it a bit, add a rubber mounting plate, powder coat it black, and reinstall it one day. No doubt the feeling of shifting the CAE was superior to anything I've ever driven; I just didn't care to hear the transmission all the time.
Do you think that the other shifter you mentioned have the same NVH that the CAE has? They are made of fewer parts.
The NVH isn't due to the amount of parts, although I do believe the CAE cage is over-engineered. The NVH comes from the fact that the shifter is directly mounted to the chassis metal on metal. I believe those other brands are mounted the same way.