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There are other alternatives to the CAE style shifter that cost significantly less. They're not bespoke for the F80 specifically, but they can be fitted to work since the basic mechanics of BMW shifters have remained the same. Other brands to check out are IRP, RTD, Coolerworx.

I have long moved on from the CAE shifter to Rogue Engineering SSK. But I still have it, so I might modify it a bit, add a rubber mounting plate, powder coat it black, and reinstall it one day. No doubt the feeling of shifting the CAE was superior to anything I've ever driven; I just didn't care to hear the transmission all the time.
So I take it the Rogue is still streetable but offers a significant improvement over stock? Would you mind posting a brief review? (Sounds like you tried a few).
I think I did do a review of the Rogue before. Basically, it feels the most OEM out of the other SSKs, but has a shorter throw. It actually uses an OEM BMW carrier but with their socket welded on it to raise the fulcrum. The only thing I didn't like about the Rogue is that it's tilted back at an angle compared to OEM and other SSKs — some people might like this. Initially I wasn't a fan of it, but have since gotten used to it.

I have to disclose that I did cut the Rogue SSK shaft approximately half an inch to lower the shift knob even further.


EDIT: Here is my initial review of the Rogue Engineering SSK.


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