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The NVH isn't due to the amount of parts, although I do believe the CAE cage is over-engineered. The NVH comes from the fact that the shifter is directly mounted to the chassis metal on metal. I believe those other brands are mounted the same way.
Itís odd. Due to your experience of the CAE shifter making noise, I was apprehensive about the install, but after driving it, the noise isnít that bad at all. I can hardly hear it and my friends also says itís not bad at all as well. Maybe you are a bit more hearing sensitive than I am or maybe itís my years Djing in college, but I think it fine. What I do notice is when the car shuts off or turns on, there is some noise like a slight rattle or transmission noise and this is probably due to it being directly mounted to the chassis. Regardless the slight increase in NVH is sooooo worth it. Thank you for helping me make my decision.

BTW I was so apprehensive about the noise that I stole some carpet underlayment from my carpet guys, Iím remodeling a home right now, and asked my installer to install it in my car. They ended up just throwing it away. Haha.