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I'm glad you're loving it. I love it too and I'm leaning heavily towards installing it again; especially now that I have a set of Recaro Sportster GTs waiting to be installed.

The noise isn't loud at all in the grand scheme of things. I mean my RE71Rs were louder than the CAE shifter. My annoyances came late at night while cruising on the freeway. Since I spend a lot of time on the freeway after work, I really wanted my interior space to be comfortable. Believe me, when the car is quiet, you will hear the hum/whirring. It's irritating in a "fly buzzing around you when you're trying to concentrate" kind of way ó anyone can ignore it once. But if it happens all the time, it kinda amplifies to the point where you're hyper focused on it and can't think of anything else.

I know, I'm super picky about NVH.
Actually, you know what? You are right. There is NVH but itís not too bad. I was just about to take a longer drive, and since its raining in LA, all the windows were closed. I do hear like a slight rattle/buzzing when in gear and accelerating mixed with some whine when at the higher RPMs. Is that normal? When idling or in neutral, there is no NVH.