Thread: M4 vs X6M?
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Originally Posted by deeldoo View Post
There are civic m4s on youtube running better times than that lap time, i think that 7:52 is highly incorrect.

The gts runs 25 seconds faster. Yes it has 70 more horses and a better race car but not 25 seconds better, that is an eternity even on that track. I think there was a few videos i saw of mid to low 7:4x.

Also this is a fast track, lots of bombing straights and high speed rundowns, it definetly favours high horsepower cars even big suvs.
How about Sachsenring then? M4 Comp is around 1:36.00 and X3M Comp ran 1:37.60

My point that it would come down to driver skill with regular drivers is still largely reasonable. Despite being SUVs and heavier, they are more competent around a track or turns than most would think.