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iTrader: (2) I have had this shifter for over 5 months now and here is a quick review.

At first the NVH from the shifter didn't really bother me, but recently due to the pandemic, we gave my wife's parents our family mobile (Audi Q7) to drive to Texas (long story) and we have been driving my car a lot. I usually drive with the windows open and music blasting, so I never really thought that the NVH from the shifter was annoying, but with my wife and kids in the car and the windows closed, ITS ANNOYING. Add that with some stuff suspension, camber plates and noisy tires, I kinda want a new car now. haha

I need to take it back to my installer to see what this annoying buzzing/rattling sound is. There is a hum/whine which is normal, but I don't think the buzzing/rattling is, although the car performs exceptionally.