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I can't recommend any SSK any more because I don't want to take the blame when/if things aren't perfect. There are pros/cons to all the SSKs on the market. Personally, I like the UUC. But people have said their shiftknob doesn't fit straight on the slot or it's too mechanical/notchy?
Whoa, are people really blaming you? I find your input for all matters F8x very valuable! Sorry to hear if you are being blamed.

I still love the CAE shifter the more I think about it. The instructions also mention to lubricate the shifter, so I picked up some spray grease and I'm going to try it out. Its fun to tinker.

The noise that I am getting is like a faint fast rattling sound that goes away when I push the clutch in, go into neutral, or stay in 3rd gear. I'm thinking its normal but not sure. I'll keep this posted updated with my findings, but its really only bothersome when my wife and kids are in the car and the windows are completely shut. Doesn't help that there were all these fires recently causing the bad air quality. I don't notice it when I'm driving the canyons or having fun with the car! =)