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Originally Posted by jpy1980 View Post
Ooook, so in order to see if I could make the NVH situation better, I re-read the instructions for the installation of the shifter and saw that it mentioned that the all aluminum shifter should be spray greased once every year or so. Remembering when I was looking at the shifter assembly itself installed on the car, it was spic and span like it came out of the factory. I guess my installer never greased it like instructed in the manual.

So I purchased some white lithium spray grease and sprayed where the instructions said to grease. I also added some sound deadening material around the shifter along with a bit of dynamat to some exposed areas that wouldnt interfere with the shifting. I also installed teflon tape on the shift knob and the screw to secure it on. After all that was done, I can say that the NVH is considerably better. The only way you are going to hear it is with the car windows completely closed, no music and it being silent outside, while driving. At that point, the NVH from the shifter is also compounded with the tire and exhaust noise, so its not that bad. I am a happy camper again.
Kudos. Good to know that your sound deadening efforts have paid off. I've actually planned a whole sound-deadening-regiment myself in case I decide to install it again.

I think the source of a lot of the whirring and humming that annoyed me was amplified by the direct mating of the shifter and chassis; metal on metal. It kind of created a weird harmonic that would get in my head. Perhaps a thin rubber lining between the shifter and chassis mounting plates along with everything you've done will deaden it enough for me to be happy.