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Originally Posted by ron_jeremy View Post
Look at the M3 history.
E36M3: 286-321hp
E46M3: 343hp
E92M3: 420hp

The E36 and E46 had about the same hp, but the latter was faster and better.
My guess is that the power will be pretty much like what we saw in E92M3, about 420-430, official that is.
We all know BMW are pretty modest, so 450 is likely in the ballpark.
But then again, we will see a significant bump in torch, so it will be easier and more of a daily driver with the low end torch, and faster than the excisting M3.
A fair enough post, but not sure how these official figures support your point. With the smallest power bump being 22 PS, that means that officially the F80 will be at least 442PS (like Swamp, I've been touting 440-460 for the past year). M3post may be correct with 415PS, but I doubt it. We'll find out soon though.

Swamp, great work bud and seems to all make good sense. A lot of the naysayers are guys who won't be in a position to get one of these next year. Very excited for the weight loss.

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