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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
No 430 will not, 450 should, WITH THE WEIGHT I HAVE ASSUMED. Not sure where the 430 number is coming from here...

I think you have missed the contributions and large amount of effective hp that M-DCT is good for. There are many threads on this topic but M-DCT may be good for at least 20 perhaps in some cases and some metrics good for close to 50 hp.

Also have a look at my prior comments about ranges and statistics. Single figures do not make good comparisons.

Every component on each generation of car evolves, chassis stiffness, suspension, suspension hook up ability, parasitic drive train losses (these evolve slowly...), tires, etc. Again for the nth time, consider these numbers a range to cover the best reported times.
450 crank translates to 382 WHP assuming a 15% drivetrain loss but since BMW underrattes their cars I will give u 395 WHP... at 3450 LBS, that will not run 120, sorry... That DCT would have to be magic. For reference, my friend dynod 425 in a DCT 335is and hit 120.4 barely... This was with very lightweight wheels too on one of the fastest tracks in the country...

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