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Originally Posted by PoweredBy///M View Post
e92 can do that, too.

Ehh? Do what? Sound like a straight six at high revs?

My point was that a turbo'd 6 can sound pretty mean and with a higher pitch/scream than the V8 burble from the S65 engine (which also is a nice sound btw).

I was replying to a post where it was stated that the new M3/M4 couldn't "do this", which obviously is correct. It can't sound like a US V8, as it's a straight 6

I posted a video of a turbo'd 6 cyl M3 that, IMHO, sounds awesome and more "exotic" than the V8 (again, nothing wrong with the sound of the S65 - it's just that a 6 sounds good as well).

This might also be a cultural thing as Europeans aren't that used to hearing V8 burble in every second car. We have grown up with smaller engines with higher revs and a different sound characteristic. And the exotics with V8's have been flat plane crank engines, which also have a more high pitched sound.

I think that both engine types sound good, in their own different way. Turbocharging unfortunately muffles some of the engine noise. It's a trade off between power potential, response, fuel economy etc. Just as a NA engine can be exhilarating, so can a good Turbo engine be as well