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I know multiple people said air in the lines, and it is definitely possible for that to be the case, however I was more or less experiencing the same when I put mine on a week ago.

The day I got my car back, not only did the pedal feel far worse, there was almost nothing up top when you step on the pedal. It was, extremely surprising losing all feel up top on the pedal. My friend at AT, who drove my car a little, said he noticed when I told him about it. I asked multiple people and only one got back to me which was Curt and he confirmed my suspicions on the Brembo BBK is supposed to feel a certain way. Now, it depends on how bad the OP's brake feel is as none of us can know unless we actually drive and brake the car. Then of course the steel OEM brakes on the Ms bite a lot initially compared to cars like the Macan S I have, which is very linear in brake pedal travel.

Now that was a week ago and, either the loaner Macan i was given brake was terrible or I gotten more pedal feel back as I driven a bit more. I'm planning on bleeding it anyway just in case but it could be breaking in the brake fluids a little or it was completely placebo on my part. I drive my Macan S often and the pedal feel on that car is a bit similar so that could also be why.
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