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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
BMW answers your rant with "this version of the motorsports coupe is more of an evolution and not just a new m3 two door. We felt calling it the m4 displays this"

Translated: Audi was able to get away with charging more for less doors. Why can't we?
But we don't even know if BMW is even going to charge a greater premium than what already exists with the E90/E92. If BMW stays with the E90/E92 price structure (where the difference isn't that large), there would be no reason to even change the name because everything would remain the same from the E90 and E92. Still too early to guess anything.

At the end, whatever happens, it's going to be a surprise or even more frustration/confusing. Either there will be a huge price hike resulting in further anger or price remains the same and we all sit here thinking "well what was the point of renaming?".

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