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Oh Hai

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Looks like its a proactive adapting system, where as the M dynamic just has particular settings.

Does it really lower the new M3/4 10mm? I hope it does, because it will make me want the option

I don't want any additional steering options though. I hope this doesn't apply to the new M.

Adaptive M suspension.

The optional Adaptive M suspension provides further reinforcement for the dynamic driving characteristics of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan and exploits their visual effect to the full, without comprising in any way on comfort.

In the optional Adaptive M suspension, a lowering of the chassis by ten millimetres and electronically controlled dampers result in increased agility.* During the journey, sensors continuously measure data and control the shock absorber valves in the Adaptive M suspension according to the driving situation and road profile. This takes place for each wheel individually so that optimum road holding is guaranteed at all times.

An electronic control unit processes information on wheel, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, on vehicle speed as well as on steering wheel position in order to adapt the damper parameters to the road profile and driving situation. In addition to this, the driver can individually alter the setting of the suspension to increase comfort or sporting character via the Driving Experience Control.

* No lowering for xDrive models.
BMW don't screw up the M3. K