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My M4 is with Trucking on it's way


After waiting all this time, BMW NA told me that my M4 is with trucking. It was supposed to be picked up yesterday and delivered tomorrow, but now it got picked up today.
They even gave me the name of the trucking company who is transporting it.

BUT, My Sales guy has been very condescending and disrespectful to me during this entire few month process. This is my second M car from him in two years.. He is a typical snooty luxury car sales men, that you meet from time to time in high end dealerships.. He is older and has been there awhile. He is lazy and has never kept intouch with me during this entire process. Only if I sent him an email would he give me a confusing half fast response.

I had reached out to his manager today to let him know how upset I am with the level of service I'm getting when this is my second 80k car within two years.

He didn't seem thrilled about the news and at first, seemed like he was on the sales guy's side, but then he said he would go have a talk with him and hear his side and call me back.

If I don't get an apology, I am walking away and going else where. to think after all this time waiting and the deal can get killed at the last minute because the salesmen is being a dick.

I don't need to kiss anyones ass when im spending this kind of money. Everyone at luxury dealers act like they are doing you a favor by selling you a car these days. I'm fed up.

Going to go to Honda where I can get treated normally.