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Originally Posted by Blindside_137 View Post
I love it! This is totally the color I would get and I can't believe I'm sayin that.

I would have to get SS interior though.

I can see it now, I'd love to try to get YMB seat belts, and maybe even have iND paint the seat backs YMB

My M4 will be YMB/SSII. I keep looking at SSII interior pics and asking myself, "Are you ready for this? You handled Palladium Silver, but are you READY for this level of care?" My answer is.....gotta go BIG or go home. It'll probably be a more rare combination simply because of the maintenance, and I don't have kids, sooooooo.....

...nothing is stopping me!

I'd be lying if I don't consider texting my connect on a daily basis and switching to black.