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Originally Posted by Arcades View Post
I don't believe the M4CS has any production limit from what I remember reading on the forums here. The M3CS did because it was ending production but the M4CS can still be built if you ask I think.

I think the only thing that you cannot replicate on the CS it the Tune. BMW does something amazing with their tunes as always and there is something not even BM3 can fully replicate. I have been thinking of doing the GTS hood also but I literally would need to find another place to put my OEM hood to. I'm pretty sure it's just the pricing. No one would aim for a F80/F82 that costs above 100k. The car is great for what it is but 100k good? Maybe not. ANd that is coming from someone who's car MSRP was 89k (me). I do like my CA stuff but if I can get the OEM CS tune, i would do it. Did code in the rest of the CS bits (from what I know anyway).

I found out, from what I understand. Rusnak in my area is spinning Alfa Romeo off on their own so, that is why and the reason all of their AR cars are sitting at a location. It is directly across from the new dealership location they are sitting up. However, almost all of those cars are probably still 2018 or early 2019.
Yah sorry, I know they will still build one if somebody orders it, but as the sales show there will probably very few more built. So kind of a limited run.