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Originally Posted by myzmak View Post
yeah, been trying to get out a shit ton for the golfing. Has been a pretty steady year as far as that goes....

otherwise, hmmm....

I was fishing myself a few weeks ago up in Northern Sask. Pike and walleye fishing. Where were you guys at / what were you fishing?

Kids sports are actually quiet now. After the hectic winter sports we try to keep the summer ones down. Daughter does track, son did a little 3 on 3 spring hockey and now I just drag them around golfing with me (including on our last 2 trips to BC several days of making them golf in the rain. builds character, etc, etc )

That sounds like a sweet deal on the car. I'm still pushing around the "old lady" I picked up 3.5 years ago. Will probably hang onto her for a little bit as (a) we are now building a vacation place in BC (which, inevitably, we are making much nicer than it probably needs to be which will eat up a significant amount of discretionary cash flow for the next couple of years); and (b)....I still like her. She may not be the newest F8X, but she is pretty, I still love the MT and we have fun.

I still say my next new ride will be an E63 wagon.
I do miss the manual and comfort access. But, I do like it quite a bit better overall. TB is still one of my all time favorite colors for this car. We are definitely going different ways in our car likes/wants. I get it though, it would be a very versatile family car. A very fancy version of what out F150 does for us.

We were in the Nestor Falls/Sioux Narrows area. Mainly fishing that side of Lake of the Woods and the Whitefish Bay part for Walleyes/Northerns. We did very well, especially my 8 year old daughter. She hauled in some nice 21 and 23 inch Walleye. Then a 29 inch Northern almost pulled her of the side of the boat, but she wrestled it in. I was in the back, but the guide had his hand near the back of her life jacket to grab her if she got any closer. All in all a really fun family getaway.

I get it in the giving everyone a break during non hockey months. Soccer is only two nights a week so quite a bit more of a relaxed schedule. Plus it is nice that she can put her shin pads and cleats on herself. Coaching soccer seems like a breeze since I don't have to get geared up to go on the ice with them.

Nice to hear from you, stay in touch more!