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Originally Posted by Dagamus_NM View Post
I get that. I hate him and sometimes he does things that I like and I credit him for that. Credit where it is due for better or for worst
Fair points. I have not been totally happy with his picks. But he has had good ones in the mix. Pompeo is an example. Barr is another. He used to be respected by the dems.

As far as special interests. Not sure he is worse than others.

I agree with the issue of environment. But I really don't think his actions with cutting regs have hurt. But yes republicans have thus nasty habit of ignoring global warming. But in a sense, it doesn't matter. We have crossed the Rubicon here. It's too late to turn things around.

Another thing you have to admit He is keeping his campaign promises.

But again good discussion. People can disagree without acting like assholes.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays :cheers:!!