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Originally Posted by hubbahubba View Post
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Well ya, put we're talking about why Pelosi opted not to immediately deliver the articles to the Senate. He suggested that was silly because of the size of GOP majority in the Senate and consequently ruining their holiday wouldn't be a concern

They don't have a huge majority.
Uh, no. Please let me explain it to you. I suggested it was silly because in just 12 weeks the House put together the crappiest impeachment in the history of this country. They have fervently been saying that Trump is the most evil president in history, and would cause the total destruction of civilization as we know it. And then they put it off till after the holidays... That, my friend, is really, really, really dumb. My point had nothing to do with the majority, only that you suggested Pelosi put it off so that her political rivals would have a nice holiday instead of saving our civilization. I highly doubt that is why she did it. Understand now?
So you think Pelosi wants to ruin the holidays for the 40+ Democrats and Chief Justice?


This morning a pundent suggested Peposi wait until SCOTUS rules on various subpoena/tax return cases. Remember the end game for the Dems is to win the election. Pelosi made this clear months ago.
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