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Bare minimum changes necessary for tracking F8x

I've read threads where folks have asked what track modifications they should do, but I didn't find a thread regarding what is the bare minimum someone should do to if they wanted to track these cars a few times per year?

Edit: Got tons of great advice in the thread. I tried my best to summarize it below:

Beginner (no track experience)
Many think no mods are needed for the track if you're just getting started.

But some cautioned that for safety reasons, at a minimum you should do the following:
  • Track pads: Recommendations are the Ferodo DS2500, Ferodo DS1.1, Pagid RSL29 Yellow.
  • Brake fluid: A high temperature brake fluid, the Castrol SRF brake fluid seems to be a favorite here.

Beginner+/Intermediate (a few track sessions)
  • Track pads: See above.
  • Brake fluid: See above.
  • Negative camber
  • Dedicated track wheels: 18" APEX wheels are a popular suggestion.
  • Track tires: Contentious topic but favored tires seem to be RE-71R, NT-01, RS4
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