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RE-71R can be daily driven (in warmer climate), can use stock 19" wheels, and is great in rain. NT-01 is not safe in rain and perhaps too loud for daily.

I went with NT-01 because I thought it would be cheaper in the long term. Considerably cheaper going with 18" wheels, and I was shocked with how fast RE-71R on my Miata wore out (especially front). I wonder how it might have been different if I heat cycled them though.

Not apple to apple comparison, but I feel NT-01 on my M4 stickier than RE-71R on my Miata. RE-71R feels just like street tires (a very sticky) but with NT-01 I can feel it literally grabs the ground even under sliding. Could be due to the staggered 305 rear though... so the conclusion is: I think they are both great tires and experience may vary.

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